PRESCRIBE is Kyocera's native printer language that provides unprecedented versatility by offering a suite of valued added applications that address a wide variety of business needs.  Kyocera's unique PRESCRIBE Solution allows businesses to improve every aspect of their business critical documents and forms.  Kyocera offers a cost per page, that results in tremendous cost savings over the life of the machine.


1. Secure Printing - Secure printing is the ability to send a confidential document to a shared printer on an AS/400 network and it is protected by personal identification codes (PIN) at the printer or MFP.


2. Form Creation - Utilizing the PRESCRIBE Solution provides your customer with an alternative way of printing their variable data on forms.  With PRESCRIBE, the preprinted forms your customer currently uses in their business can be created digitally and stored on any of Kyocera's printers and MFPs.


3. Form Modifications - Your customers can modify any form as needed to accommodate changes such as addresses, telephone numbers, logos, etc. reducing the costs associated with reprinting their forms and waste from "out of date" forms.


4. Multi-Part Forms - With the PRESCRIBE Solution your customers can create their multi-part forms electronically and download the forms to any Kyocera printer or MFP.  These forms can be printed "on demand", improving forms printing productivity over legacy tractor-fed line printers traditionally used to print multi-part forms.


5. Signatures - The PRESCRIBE Solution gives your customers the ability to store and secure electronic signatures for check endorsements on a compact flash card.  Kyocera Printers and MFPs. with this solution, can print an authorized signature on the checks. For security purposes the compact flash card can be removed preventing any unauthorized access.

6. Specify Job Output - Since Kyocera's PRESCRIBE language is not driver dependent, data can be sent from virtually any environment such as an AS400 or UNIX.  Printing from a host-based system and use the paper handling and finishing capabilities of a Kyocera Printer or MFP, improving productivity and allowing a cost savings advantage of two-sided (duplex) printing.


7. Letterhead - With the PRESCRIBE Solution your customers can create letterheads, including logos, and store them on any Kyocera Color Printer or MFP.  This solution provides an advantage and contributes to the cost savings associated with eliminating expensive preprinted letterhead.


8. Barcode - The PRESCRIBE Solution gives you the ability to create and store non-resident barcodes on any Kyocera Printer or MFP.  This solution is very inexpensive compared to third-party solutions in the market today. 


9. Gray Bar - With the PRESCRIBE Solution, can eliminate "green bar" tractor-fed line printers and incorporate a plain paper "gray bar" solution from any Kyocera Printer or MFP.


10. Raw Data - The PRESCRIBE Solution allows businesses to incorporate PRESCRIBE commands into their unique workflows. Data streams interpreted by the commands allow for shrinking or increasing the number of lines per page or font sizes, dictate where on the page you want your data to print and more.  This can be extremely beneficial in AS400 or UNIX environments.









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